In the spring of 1922, Meiichiro Fukushima, our first president, left the island of Nakajima off of Matsuyama in Shikoku headed to Kyoto where he was counting on the support of friends, and was joined there the following year by Ryusuke Fukushima, our second president. It has been 90 years since they setup and started a business named “The Fukushima Kyoto Store” at the corner of Sakai-cho and Takeya-cho.
Forced to close temporarily during the Pacific War, our company reopened at the end of the war and have been in business ever since. After incorporating in 1950, the company name changed to Fukushima Katsuo Co., Ltd. in 1966.
The continued longevity of our company is owed to the hard work of our predecessors and greatly to the continued patronage, guidance, and encouragement of our customers for which we are sincerely grateful.
It would not be an overstatement to say that our industry is facing a tough economic period. The food industry, including the katsuobushi industry, and the restaurant industry are experiencing a great transition. As we meet this new era, we are determined to put more effort into the advancement of the culture of food and the prosperity of our customers by returning to the spirit of our founders and revitalizing our corporate ethos.
Meiichiro Fukushima,FounderRyusuke Fukushima,Second PresidentThe Success-mobile, circa 1935

The First ShipmentThe Fukushima Kyoto Store Plant, circa 1935
Original Business License