Focused on Flavor,
Focused on Ingredients

We believe it is our mission to bring you quality ingredients

There are many other types of kezuribushi (dried fish shavings) beside the most well-known katsuo (bonito). Each has its own characteristics and is used for different purposes such as adding aroma or enhancing richness. Long years of experience and monitoring taste trends have allowed us to create and market our own unique “kezuribushi blends” that provide extra depth to flavor through the combination of umami. We appreciate our producers throughout Japan and strive to create the best tasting Dashi (fish broth) to meet the expectations of all in the food industry.

Delivering nationwide from Kyoto

Carefully selected “dashi” from all over the country such as from Hokkaido in the north to Kagoshima in Kyushu in the south is matured and refined in Kyoto where traditional Japanese cuisine has origins. They continue to be refined by exacting customers and are more carefully selected. These carefully selected flavors spread from Kyoto throughout Japan and even overseas. We are indebted to time-honored Japanese gastronomic culture and believe it is our mission to disseminate it as far as possible.